Mereces Arch-Viz  is an 3D Visualization studio based in Évora / Lisbon.  We have a team of great CG Artists ready to produce amazing CGI images for your projects . Our customers know that we care so much about their success as they do when appreciate our style. Our work can be seen globally in many industries and markets. We apply in all our work the most advanced techniques, valuing all the creation process and making it a unique piece of art.

Our Vision

We make it happen

Our philosophy is based that every project is different and every picture should be a unique piece of art, where we can achieve all the emotion, forms, feelings and visions for the project, making it “unique”.

Our final work have two key ingredients we add during each step of production: Our passion for what we do and dedication to the client.

Awards and Recognition

MERECES ARCH-VIZ counts with a great visibility from the cgi and design community. always discovering new technologies and exploring new softwares to give to the clients the best results ever, some of that work has been recognized by the biggest and best cgi entities in the world.

Our Clients :